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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reasons Why Chinese Walmart Will Give You Nightmares


Reasons Why Chinese Walmart Will Give You Nightmares

Walmart stores around the world, China in particular, are unlike stores in America.

Chinese Walmart stores are shocking for what was on their shelves. While stores in countries like the United States, Canada and even the United Kingdom probably have very similar inventory, China has proven to be quite the exception.

From items that would be illegal in the United States to animals that would literally make you gag if someone dared you to eat them, Walmart stores in China are undoubtedly unique for many reasons.


While we’ve already listed some of the craziest things found in Chinese Walmart stores like dried squid, hog heads and beef bits, fresh crocodiles easily make the top of our list. 
Fox Meat

Packaged and bought just like we buy turkey or chicken in America, fox is treated as an everyday staple for the Chinese. 

The Chinese actually take their fox meat pretty seriously as the country got into a fair amount of trouble in 2014 when it was discovered that the donkey meat sold in the stores was cross-contaminated with the fox meat. 

Dried Reptile

Chinese shoppers can find a variety of reptiles in their local Walmart meat departments from fresh daily selections to dried out and pre-packaged like the squid we saw earlier on our list. Displayed much like sausage, rice and eggs are in large open bins, customers pay a pretty penny to select fresh alligator, lizard and even turtle ribs. 

Powdered Horse Milk

While cows produce most of the world’s milk, there are plenty of other animals from buffaloes, goats and sheep to camels, donkeys and horses, that produce milk that can be consumed.

China is actually the only country in the world who sells and drinks horse milk so  Chinese Walmart stores sell Golden Horde Powdered Horse Milk.

Fake Sheep Offal

China has their own version of Spam. Though this delicacy is known as “fake sheep offal”...
Offal is actually the parts of a butchered animal that are considered inedible. In other words, these are the parts of an animal that should be thrown out and never eaten. 

But  “fake sheep offal”, instead of using the actual inedible parts of the sheep, this dish is only made to look and taste like it. 

Meat Floss Donuts

 “Meat Floss” was originally named Rousong, meat floss is also known as “meat wool” and “pork floss” and is a dried meat, most commonly pork, which has a fairly fluffy texture.

People in China go nuts for meat floss and put it on pretty much everything from tofu to even pastries and donuts.

Diet Water


In China, Diet Water has you wondering:isn’t water already calorie free? Yes but, when it comes to China marketing, sometimes you have to think outside the box...

Meat Water

Advertised as dinner in a bottle, flavors include everything from Cheeseburger and Fish ‘n’ Chips to Peking Duck and Beef Jerky. There’s even breakfast in a bottle with the long awaited and much anticipated debut of Brunch Omelet. Perhaps we’ll just stick with eggs and bacon

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