Addiction Sameness

Alcohol, Opiates, Fat and Sugar are all Addictive Substances: this blog is about that "addiction sameness".

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Insane thing about Alcohol Addiction

 A friend of mine wrote this note to me:
I think once you reach 45-50 or so, alcoholism is almost incurable, IMO, but I’m probably wrong. My thinking is that the alcohol addiction groove in the brain is perhaps ploughed too deep by then.

My answer:

Alcoholism only exists when the person (idiot) is dumb enough to keep trying to drink. You are completely right about the "groove" in the brain. Alcohol changes your brain and it can be seen on an MRI just like MS can be seen. It is tragic to ignore this science. Accept the science and realize you can't win. No matter how strong your will might be, if you drink you go into "one more" mode and you are back to wanting to be drunk. Prove it to yourself by stopping for months, if you have been an alcohol abuser, and have a few shots of vodka. It is scarey to feel your metabolism or whatever it is asking for more. Somewhat like what happens to massively obese people, the fat of there body actually starts producing hormones that encourage the continuation of morbid obesity.

Alien of invasion your endocrine system!!!!