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Monday, April 22, 2013

Greenpeace app helps consumers find forest-friendly tissue products

This is one way to get to the practicalities of "voting with your dollars".  Never buy the RED products and the producers will be forced to make some changes... 


Greenpeace’s app helps consumers find forest-friendly tissue products
22 April 2013 (Toronto) – Consumers have a new tool for making forest-friendly tissue product decisions, says Greenpeace Canada.

The organization launched its first Green Tissue Guide mobile application today, which features a catalogue of over 150 tissue products like paper towels, toilet paper, tissues and napkins found in Canadian stores across the country. The app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play store in both English and French.

Users can browse by rating, name, category or brand. Each item is displayed with a photo making it easy to identify the product in-store. It includes both generic and name brand items such as Bounty, Charmin and President’s Choice.

A product’s rating is determined by its percentage of recycled content and whether it is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. At a glance, users can see whether their favorite brand is forest-friendly with a simple green, amber and red icon assigned to each product.

The ratings are explained as follows:

Green: Made from 100 per cent recycled paper fibre. The best option for the environment.

 Amber: Less than 100 per cent recycled but FSC certified. FSC is designed to ensure responsible forest management. A smart choice when recycled products are not available.

Red: Contains no recycled fibre and likely comes from destructive logging operations. Avoid these products.

“Shopping aisles are piled high with tissue products making questionable sustainability claims, making it tough to know which ones are forest friendly,” said Shane Moffatt, forest campaigner for Greenpeace Canada. “The Green Tissue Guide allows you to confidently make the greenest choices at the counter, rewarding companies that take responsible sourcing seriously and holding accountable those that do not.”

With over 50 green rated products in the application, it’s easier than consumers may think to bring forest friendly products into their home.”
The app can be downloaded at Product suggestions, comments or questions can be emailed to
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Screenshots from application:
For more information:
Holly Postlethwaite, Media and Public Relations Officer, (416) 524-8496
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